Athletic Care

Are you facing an injury? Underperforming in an area you know you can be better? There are a variety of conditions and ailments that can keep athletes from performing at their peak. At Live in Motion Chiropractic, I’ve been trained and have years of experience working with athletes heal from injuries and remedy physical constraints allowing them to return to the field and perform their best.

Working with Athletes

Being familiar with sports and common sport related injuries athletes face means being better able to pin point the root of an issues and to heal it more effectively with less downtime. This is why some professional and amateur teams have a chiropractor on their staff, as chiropractors have training that allows them to have a special understanding of sport related injuries, and how to remedy or heal them as quickly as possible.

RockTape Movability Certified

As a chiropractor certified by RockTape’s Movability program, I’ve been trained in providing my clients with home care mobility and stability programs. I understand how to use tools such as foam rollers, balls, bands and tape to enhance your athletic movement. Through evaluation, we will identify mobility and stability dysfunctions and create a regimen using tools and a joint-by-joint approach to tackle your movement and functional rehabilitation.

Resolving Soft Tissue Conditions

Graston effectively treats soft tissue conditions that are actively found in athletic injuries whether they are chronic or acute. Using the Graston technique offers many advantages to patients:

  • Decrease in overall time of treatment
  • Promotes faster rehabilitation/recovery
  • Reduces reliance anti-inflammatory medication
  • Resolves chronic conditions thought to be permanent

Movability Certification

As a Rocktape Certified Movability Trainer I employ tools like balls, bands, rollers and kinesiology tape to evaluate and correct athletes joint by joint that are experiencing pain, injury, and discomfort. These tools help you recover faster and better than recovery without these methods and tools. If you’re ready to heal the right way contact me for an evaluation on how I can help you recover quickly, so you can get back to the sports you love.

Schedule A Consultation

Are you tired of the pain? Are you ready for a hands on, non-invasive therapy with a trained professional? Call our office today to schedule a one on one consultation where I will evaluate your unique situation and develop a plan to rehabilitate you to a healthy, balanced and pain-free life.

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